If you haven't heard.... Baguette Abouddit Sandwich Shop in Fort Lauderdale Florida is an experience like no other. From the moment you enter the restaurant your focus will be fully on food. The smells of the fresh baked in-house made Baguettes, coupled with the season's freshest ingredients and the exceedingly attentive and timely service will have you craving Baguette Abouddit daily!

From the starters to the mains that arrive quickly on each other's heels, to the beauty of the ingredients, local urban commuters as well as in the know suburban weekenders are going to relish every single bite when visiting Baguette Abouddit!

Fresh Isn't Even The Word For What We Do...

At Baguette Abouddit we intend to "Change Your Lunch Game" Forever. By focusing on in-house baked baguettes and seasonal fresh ingredients, we'll give 100% of our skill and attention to each and every dish to guarantee you a delicious experience every single time.

With mouth watering ingredients and service as impeccable as our food, Baguette Abouddit is certain to be at the top of your list as your 'GoTo' lunch favorite! Whatever you're craving we promise to have just the dish that will hit the spot. Give us a call or stop by....We absolutely appreciate and value your patronage.



Excellent French/Italian Baguette sandwich place.

If you’ve ever been to France you’ll know what I am talking about. The best place to have a taste of Paris with a French style Baguette Sandwich. BAGUETTE ABOUDDIT!!!

S. Sandor

Wow! A boutique version of yesteryears culinary sub restaurant.

18 inch home made artisan bread baked that day with a menu of awesome Boarshead’s deli meats and hot Italian favorites. Don’t leave without the Cinnamon roll for the next morning.

K. Williams

Baguette Abouddit

601 SE 3rd Avenue,
Downtown Fort Lauderdale
Florida 33301